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Broadhead evaluation

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Topic: Broadhead evaluation
Posted By: bkcorris
Subject: Broadhead evaluation
Date Posted: 09 September 2004 at 11:13
I compared my Montecs with a friends Crimson Talon Raptor expandables and some walmart spwcial cheapies he had from last year. Results are as follows:


  • Loudest, loud wind noise
  • Most accurate groups
  • impact compared to field points, dead on verticle but 3/4" per 10 yards to the right. Tried tuning rest to counteract but never could, still only 3" right at 40 yards so it is withstandable
  • stayed razor sharp after over a dozen hits on target
Crimson Talon Raptors
  • Second loudest
  • third most accurate
  • impact was dead on horizontal, but slighty higher
  • seemed to get duller with every shot, but still stayed plenty sharp to slise paper
  • one expandable blade broke off on 3rd hit
El Cheapos
  • quietest of the 3
  • acuracy was dead on with field points
  • very dull very fast
  • would be ok in a pinch but would need to be watched and frequently resharpened
Maybe not the most informative trial, but gives an idea of what I found. The only ones I actually weighed were my montecs, 2 were 103.6, one was 103.7 grains, I was impressed with that. They look very easy to sharpen, I will actually try to touch them up after todays shoot out.


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Posted By: The_Mountaineer
Date Posted: 10 September 2004 at 02:28

Good post BK,

I'm a muzzy fan myself and found as far as hitting in the same box with field tips similar results.

I found that the 125 grain 3 blade muzzies shot about 1-2 inches higher than field points at everything from 10-30 yards.  That's probably cause I have 1 pin for 10-20-30 yards.

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 10 September 2004 at 08:04


 thanks for posting the test results.  In the last two years I've turned to a mechanical head user.  Your results are the same as mine.  I find they shoot true to the target points and really are superior 'in flesh'.  I doubt I'll hunt big game with fixed points again.  Using my old Muzzys for groundhogs.


Posted By: deaddog
Date Posted: 10 September 2004 at 08:41

Just curious about the noise part of your test. Was their really that much difference between the brands. Also what were the el cheapo's exactly I have some I've bought a Wall Mart and am somewhat afraid to try them on a deer.


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Posted By: bkcorris
Date Posted: 10 September 2004 at 11:26
DD, I was actually quite surprised at how loud the montecs were. Keep in mind this was shooting indoors in a high echo environment, so outside it may not be as noticeable. Actually I am a little worried from the noise factor, but not that worried that I won't use them. The building has a 20 yard range, if you stand at the door you can get 30, and 10 yards outside the door yields 40. Not a real safe thing to do with lots of people around, but if was just me and a friend. When standing outside I didn't notice a noise difference, but inside it was very noticable. I also noticed that inside my Hoyt was quite loud compared to hit Martin, where as outside mine only had a quiet 'tump' while his was louder.

The cheapy wal mart ones were quite useable. They were accurate and quiet, but they dulled easy. I donb't know what brand, but they are just the $8 ones. If you sharpen them or at least check them before use you should be fine. I just wouldn't expect a lot of use from them, but you may be surprised and get several deer from each.


Stupid people are like a slinky, they don't serve much purpose in the world but they sure are fun to watch tumble down the stairs!

Posted By: SteelyEyes
Date Posted: 27 September 2004 at 15:35

My Montecs fly like they're wire guided. I hit a grouse in the base of the neck exactly where I wanted the arrow to go at 20 yards. I wouldn't have shot a grouse with a $15 arrow but there was an old log behind to catch the arrow. I got the arrow back and had the toughest old bird I've ever tried to eat.

I had a shot at a 5x6 raghorn but decided to pass. I didn't get another shot opportunity so I can't say how well the penetrate. They sharpen very easily but stay away from the diamond hone unless you've really dinged up the edge. The leather strop or a ceramic stick or stone work fine for touch up.

Posted By: Tikkabuck
Date Posted: 27 September 2004 at 23:55

  I'm a Muzzy fan,they keep tite groups,they seem to be made of excellent steel still have not replace a blade since 98' and some have seen lots of flight time. As far as the others go I do like the Crimson Talons.  I have always used 100 grs.

  Now that being said when using the X-Bow I can't use any fixed blade I have tried so far,they will not fly right,same on a buddy's X-Bow. Problem is I'm not sold on mechanical's for hunting yet either.

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Posted By: Peterbh
Date Posted: 12 September 2007 at 15:38

I don't bowhunt but I worked in the Sportsman's Warehouse shop and cut a few thousand arrows. The most accurate tend to be the smaller diameter broadheads like Montec & Muzzies. We sold the mechanical broadheads but they are illegal to use on game here in Oregon. If your broadhead of choice doesn't print well, there are experts at the Warehouse or elsewhere who can tune your bow for them. They have shooting ranges behind the shop in nearly all SW stores. They have cronographs, too, unless they have been ours.

Be sure to buy your arrows/broadheads ahead of time. We run out early. We had a guy call us on his cell phone all upset that he put his only two arrows in a deer's rear and needed us to deliver some more to him in the field. At the time, we had gone through thousands of arrows and had one box of 75-95's left and a bunch of wooden arrows. But we don't deliver and were totally out of broadheads.


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