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22 arc vs 22- 250 vs 22 CM

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Topic: 22 arc vs 22- 250 vs 22 CM
Posted By: d4570
Subject: 22 arc vs 22- 250 vs 22 CM
Date Posted: 16 November 2023 at 13:18
I have a TC 22/250 that is outstanding. I'm curranty shooting a 62 gr bullet darned fast and get sub MOA at 100 yards and in side the kill zone on a coyote at 350 yards, about 5" group.
I don't NEED to replace it, its a very light gun, 22" barrel makes it handy. BUT I'm kinda getting the itch to get on the AR wagon train. If it was you which would you go 22 arc or 22 Creedwaymoor ?
We reload, and have brass we could use so ammo is not an issue. 
The two new comers are made to run bigger bullets but I have no plan to hunt deer with it. Varmints and coyotes, on our vast and wide open prairies.
Just looking and hoping to get some good insight.
Big smile

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Posted By: BEAR
Date Posted: 16 November 2023 at 14:11
of the 3 in your topic, the 22-250 is a clear winner.

The ARc is a necked down 30 Rusian if I remember correctly, and the 22 Creedmor is a necked down #0 hornady.  having strange parent cases isn't good thing.  BUT if you already have brass they woulld work.

I assume you know you will loose accuracy going to the AR platform, from a turn bolt...but you will get spray power.

in picking any AR platform rifle, you must first decide what bullet you want to use.  Most will only shoot 60+ gr as they are 1:8 twist.

If watched lots of poor kills and lost deer, antelope, boar with well placed shots from ARs in 223 and a few 22 cal other wildcats.  Including a 22 ARC.  Hunting the west, having a critter go 600+ yards to lie down might be ok.  But, if you hunt any rugged terrain that isn't good.

The ranges I haunt seem to have literal barrels of 223 bras, so that would be high on my list.

tough question for me as I think all ARs are   s&^t.

just my thoughts

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Posted By: d4570
Date Posted: 16 November 2023 at 14:22
I agree on most of your points.
The 22 ARC is getting close to 220 swift ballistics ( bullet sizes being equal) but able to shoot the bigger bullets. Same as to a 22/250, but there again it is made to shoot a bit bigger bullets. If a person uses the all copper bullets which are longer then there lead equals can be shot lighter. The 22 creedwaymoor is almost the same as the ARC but like you say is a deferent case the arc uses Grendel brass, we have both but way more Grendel brass. the 22/250 will not be replaced by either but you know it's another gun...

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